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MyServer.org is committed to bringing top of the line performance to small/medium businesses and independent consultants - without the high price large companies pay!  Whether you need virtual or dedicated servers, streaming, online backup, or broadband internet, you can be sure we have found the best balance between price and performance in the most reliable solution available.

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Wireless Broadband

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MyServer.org is now offering wireless broadband internet connectivity for San Diego county businesses and residences. 

Businesses in San Diego now have an affordable way to increase their bandwidth at a fraction of the expense of traditional approaches like fiber and T1 lines. 

Residential customers in areas not served by the cable companies can now enjoy affordable reliable internet connections without the daily transfer limits and service interruptions normally found with satellite internet connections.

Speed up your internet while saving a few bucks!

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With PortableIP™, you use one of our static IP addresses and a VPN connection to our routers to forward traffic to and from your cable modem, DSL router, wireless broadband or dial up connection!  No matter where you are, your traffic reaches you! 

...and it truly is portable.  You can pick up your machine and move to another location.  As long as your PortableIP™ tunnel is connected with us, your IP address is portable and traffic will reach you. 

This product is ideal for running mail servers, SIP clients, etc., where you need a static IP, or where you need to work around ports blocked by your ISP.

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High performance servers and bandwidth for everyone!

Top of the line servers and big data pipes shouldn't be limited to just large companies. At MyServer.org, we make the latest technology available to everyone. More importantly, we keep our systems running at peak performance!  You benefit from the reliability and speed these solutions offer. Whether you need streaming, dedicated servers, or a way to host your own servers on your broadband connection, MyServer.org delivers the servers, bandwidth, and service you need to ensure peak performance and true 24x7 availability.

We pride ourselves on providing fast, reliable, and secure internet services. All of our products are hosted on robust, state-of-the-art monitored servers in our secure Network Operations Center:

  • Multi-homed Network
  • Redundant Routers
  • Redundant Firewalls
  • Multiple megabit and gigabit internet connections
  • Intrusion detection (IDS) and intrusion prevention (IPS) systems
  • Continuous Network Monitoring
  • TCP and UDP Port Monitoring
  • Environmentally controlled, physically secure, state of the art data center

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