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Online Backup is now offering online backup services for end users and businesses. Get the peace of mind of knowing your important files are backed up to an off site location. Easy to use and works on Windows, Mac, and Linux. Exchange and database server backup features included for business users. Take it for a test drive today!


Wireless Broadband

Business and residential broadband users in San Diego county now have another choice for their internet connection.'s wireless broadband is fast and affordable!  Our broadband network is faster than most, with average latency of only 5ms to the internet.  Businesses no longer have to fork out thousands per month for T1 lines!  Residential customers in outlying areas don't have to tolerate slow satellite connections or cell companies monthly transfer limits.  Read more...

Details about wireless broadband


Buy stream relay through our QuickTime / Windows Media / Shoutcast servers at committed bandwidth rates and never run out of slots. Committed Packages start at $39.00/month for 1 Mbps bandwidth, and the rate gets less expensive with the more bandwidth you buy. Per Slot pricing is also available, starting at $13.99/month.


PortableIP: A Truly Portable IP Address

Are you trying to run servers from your cable modem and struggling with your DHCP address? Lease a PortableIP™ portable IP address from For as little as $9.99 per month, we can provide you with one of our static IP addresses and use our routers to forward traffic to and from your cable modem or DSL router. No matter where you are, your traffic reaches you!  This product is ideal for running mail servers, SIP clients, etc., where you need a static IP, or where you need to work around ports blocked by your ISP.

Note: the product requires some expertise in tunneling and routing. We can assist with FAQs, but this product is not for newbies or technophobes.


Virtual, Dedicated and Managed Servers gives you a range of server options to fit your budget and organizational needs. All options get you up and running with your own server without having to deal with hardware purchases and colocation expenses.  Virtual servers start at $69/month, unmanaged dedicated servers start at $249, managed servers start at $399 per month.


Exchange and BlackBerry Enterprise Hosting

Let us host your organization's Exchange services. Our hosting solution includes native exchange (over https), Outlook Web Access (OWA), POP and IMAP. Solutions start at $14.99 per mailbox.  Blackberry Enterprise hosting services are also available.


VOIP and SIP Trunking

Get off the PTSN and into VOIP without sacrificing quality or spending an arm and a leg! We resell Level (3) VOIP resources, so you know you're getting the highest possible quality, and with, you know you're getting a great deal. 800 numbers, number porting, E911/ELS.


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